On Experiencing Procrastination, Laziness, Energy Loss and How to Conquer It (2)

To really understand what I’m going to post here, you might want to check the first part of the writing here. This is the second part of my writing “On Experiencing Procrastination, Laziness, Energy Loss, & How to Conquer It”.

Earlier before, I share my experience on how I finally starting to see the blinding light from my deep dark dungeon of negative personality which gnawed at me soon after I stop working from my previous job. And yes, it all start from googling a word “motivation”, found a picture that caught my attention, and set it as my desktop background. As simple as that.

You might be wondering what kind of wallpaper I was talking about,

This one.


A few hours later after I had my desktop background changed, I felt that it’s not enough to have one wallpaper. My right brain says I need more artsy, lavish, posh wallpaper and my left brain said I could take some more words as an hourly intake of motivational quotes.

And what do I do next? I surf into the large amount of Tumblr, Pinterest, and Google Image to find the perfect wallpaper for my laptop. I saved some pictures, about hundreds of them, put them in a folder titled “Motivational Wallpaper” which is the dopest folder name in my Picture category because the others are just general like “Pictures”, “Screenshots”, “GIFs”, and “Blog stuff”.

From surfing, saving, and setting as slideshow background, more or less it all only takes about one hour. I make my desktop background in a slideshow mode so I can intentionally or unintentionally read them all. I also decide that my wallpaper shouldn’t be dull and monotone so it would attract my inner, subconscious mind, to actually digest the words and find the meaning behind.

As I began to feel better and better, now I am eager to finish every activity on time, tend to think and see the positive thing, having a hard time to see my room messed up, feeling better bodily and spiritually, and the best thing of all, I am back to the old me, and even better than the last one!

Soon after that, I realized I couldn’t do this much without the help of my families, friends, and loved ones. They keep believing in me and that kind of support means a lot. Will I ever achieve this much without their help? I don’t know, but I’m sure it will be a much harder and long adventure before I eventually reach my goals. So, thanks a lot everyone!

And to finish it all, a few lessons we’ve learned so far:

  1. Don’t make excuses for your procrastination (seriously, don’t.)
  2. Set your goals and targets low, but aim and fire as hard as you can
  3. Be, and stay positive no matter what!
  4. Aware of your surroundings, help and give as much as you can
  5. Ora et Labora (pray and keep working on your project)

Looking back on what I’ve lost and what I’ve found on my life journey, I know it’s still far away from the finish, but now I am running on the right track and all the advantages are on me, mustn’t let the winning echo fade away right?

Thanks for reading, Ciao!

On Experiencing Procrastination, Laziness, Energy Loss and How to Conquer It (1)

On Experiencing Procrastination, Laziness, Energy Loss and How to Conquer It (1)

Hey guys, it’s been a while since the last time I create a productive writing, and now, I am in the right place and precisely at the right time to try to produce one. This time, I will share about my experience, an obnoxious one about procrastination, laziness, energy loss, and how do I (finally) counter and beat it.

I decide to take this on a higher ground, because I realize that there’re many people out there, until this day, are still struggling to fight these contagious diseases that have been rotting them all the time.

I’m not talking here as I am the smartest person in the class to find the cure or standing as someone who can give you the best way possible to all your problems, but, I happen to know how to do it my way, the easiest way.

Mind you, it’s all based on my real experience, nothing made of my imagination or even exaggeration. It has happened sometime in the past and elaborated again.


I’ve been mumbling inside my head and going out of order after getting myself unemployed since about a week ago, I decide to stop work at my previous company where I work as a Sales and Marketer, in the best way an employee can ever do, I can safely say I had zero collision with associates and partners while I worked there.

At the very beginning, it all went fine because I still had something to do like tidying my room, cleaning up my work table, customizing my LinkedIn and some more web pages to make it stay up-to-date. Basically, I often meet activities where I involved my mind, body, and soul.

But then, I remember on the fourth day.

I changed.

I am not my real self or who I was before.

The first thing I noticed changing in me is that I trapped into this procrastination cycle in which no matter how hard I tried to leave it behind, I will always get sucked into the cycle. Well, I procrastinate, but that doesn’t mean I have nothing inside my head or deadline to pursue. I have my own dreams and ideas about what I want in future, I have the clear path, enough resource, plan, and correct way on how to do it, I just don’t have the willingness to make it happen.

Second, I’ve been experiencing a high-level of laziness which is understandable because I’m in my complete comfortable zone. I don’t really care anymore about the lifestyle, eating order, I lose my interests on the most interesting subjects I used to follow, I became a sloth king and I felt comfort with the title.

Third, I lost all my energy to do anything as core strength and felt like a caged beast inside because I know I’m not doing well, but then again I don’t where is it coming from.

These three main things suddenly have happened to me and in ways, also volume I never thought it could be.

In case you wondering how I spent my time daily, I am playing video games and watching a lot of movies, in my room, alone. I rarely spend my days on socializing or exercising, which once again, is not really what I was before I’m getting unemployed and/or enjoying my daily routine activity. I ate when I want to (by saying when I want to, I ate once or nothing in a day) and took a bath when I want to.

One day I realize that this won’t end well for me. Luckily it was only a couple weeks later after the first day I start showing some potential on procrastination.

I can clearly remember, the first thing I did to try to get myself back on track again was googling a word, motivation.

This is a screenshot I took from google

That’s exactly what you will get when you type the keyword “motivation” on google. It doesn’t really motivate me, so then I move my pointer towards “image” section, clicked it, and guess what? Yes, you’re goddamn right, it contain loads of image related to motivation. There are typographies, clip arts, pop arts, and many other things. As I scroll down the pages, glanced at them, I found a picture that really caught my eye.

Business Zoom

sorry. wrong picture.


At that very time, I really don’t know why I choose this photo over gazillion photos being uploaded on the internet, I have no specific reason nor I related to Albert Einstein. But I like to read it again and again. In a matter of time, I realize, I just love that I was once that kind of guy, a passionately curious one. I’m happy to reminisce it.

Then I save the picture into my laptop and set it as my desktop background.

This is where the game really turning back on me and for myself only. (to be continued)

Thoughts on a Glass of Hot Chocolate Milk

Thoughts on a Glass of Hot Chocolate Milk

What a glass of hot chocolate milk can give you:

1. Feelings. I mean, it will give you loads of sensations when those proteins and lactose hits your tounge, feel and embrace the overwhelming taste which makes you feel more and more alive than before.

2. Awaken your super powers! Like Sun Tzu’s capability of writing the Art of War book, govern yourself like Socrates did back at the Acropolis, or even Chinese chef-like knife skills.

3. Give you a kick in the butt to start your day. I mean, who needs caffeine when you can get super powers from gulping down a glass of hot chocolate milk? So have your glass every morning start from today alright!

All fragments above are basically not based on any scientific research nor specific kind of popular teachings, it all solely made up of daily experiences and for entertainment purpose.





I just got home tonight after checking on Deadpool movie. It was an amazing, most glorious, superhero movie I’ve ever watch (in 2016, lel.). Had so much fun watching the movie, so many nasty talks between Wade Wilson aka Deadpool and his allies (also foes), references to particular movies/scenes (gotta watch Ryan Reynold movies I suggest), catchy scores and lots of cinematic and verbal jokes throughout the movie. You’re going to have a good time watching the whole 1 hour and 48 minutes of action packed, mindblowing, F**ked up (and sexy anti hero at the same time).

Bad news for Indonesian people who are going to watch it in the local cinema, you’re going to be depressed so much because there’s a lot of censor during the scene that contains nudity, sadistic, and violence, also, it’s a sorry that the censor really takes an effect which ruining the fun, gimmicks, and genuine piece of absurdity we’re looking for on Deadpool (shame on you, LSF!).

A piece of advice, it is not a family type of movie. If it’s unavoidable, try to sit far away from each other since you really don’t wanna watch it with your parents. (cousins are OK though). And also, I recommend it for 17+ of age only, why? because Deadpool is too sexy for kids! that’s why!

In the end, I have to say that Deadpool movie really made my day. Here’s a GIF of pole-dancing Deadpool as a gift.


PS: Watch it until the very end. By the very end, I mean, after that long-neverending-credits. You guys might find “something”.

PPS: Gonna check out on “Zootopia” next week if possible, the clerk sloth trailer got me.

1:14 AM, gotta go, xx. – Deadpool

The ‘Classical’ Background to Modern Southeast Asian History

The term ‘classic’ on the title is chosen by scholars and historians among other terms because this chapter describes Southeast Asian histories from time to time and diverse period of centuries. Take Srivijaya, the maritime state which located in southern Sumatera on east coast which had risen it’s kingdom since sixth century as instance and the beginning of so-called “Indianisation” in most of Southeast countries except for Philippines and Vietnam for various reasons. There are two main subjects appealed by the writer in this chapter Continue reading “The ‘Classical’ Background to Modern Southeast Asian History”

Organisasi Kerjasama Shanghai (Shanghai Cooperation Organization)


Organisasi Kerjasama Shanghai (Shanghai Cooperation Organization atau disingkat SCO) merupakan sebuah organisasi antar bangsa dikawasan Asia yang dianggotai oleh Republik Rakyat Cina, Rusia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan dan Uzbekistan. Kecuali Uzbekistan, semua negara lainnya sebelumnya merupakan anggota Shanghai Five yang didirikan tahun 1996. SCO dideklarasikan pada tanggal 15 Juni 2001 setelah Uzbekistan bergabung.

Organisasi ini memupuk kerjasama antar negara dalam bidang perbatasan, ekonomi dan kebudayaan. Banyak yang berpendapat bahwa organisasi ini merupakan penyeimbang kekuatan dari organisasi NATO dan Amerika Serikat. SCO dikatakan mengelakkan campur tangan Amerika Serikat di Asia Tengah melalui kerjasama perbatasan dan militer. Continue reading “Organisasi Kerjasama Shanghai (Shanghai Cooperation Organization)”

Realisme Struktural dan Problema Polaritas serta Perang (Joseph Grieco)

Duke PoliSci Faculty & Staff20150727-P7271074

Perang Dingin pada tahun 1945-1991 telah memunculkan Amerika Serikat sebagai pemenangnya, mengalahkan Uni Soviet yang pada masa itu dipimpin oleh Michael Gorbachev. Hal ini sekaligus mengubah tatanan dasar dunia  atau sistem internasional  dari bentuk bipolar menjadi unipolar. Pertanyaan besar muncul, apakah kebijakan atau langkah Amerika selanjutnya akan membuat dunia semakin damai? Apakah unipolar yang diciptakan oleh Amerika akan terusik dengan adanya perlawanan dari negara-negara lain atau dengan perimbangan kualisi antara negara? Dapatkah kebijakan Amerika semakin memperluas pengaruhnya atau akankah negara lain memberikan perlawanan untuk menyeimbangkan keadaan itu? Continue reading “Realisme Struktural dan Problema Polaritas serta Perang (Joseph Grieco)”

Praktik Deterrence of Power Korea Utara terhadap Korea Selatan


Perseteruan antara kedua negara di semenanjung Korea ini telah terjadi semenjak tahun 1945, kala itu pada Konferensi Postdam (Juli—Agustus 1945), Sekutu secara sepihak memutuskan untuk membagi Korea menjadi dua di garis lintang 28 derajat tanpa melakukan konsultasi dengan pihak Korea sendiri. Hal ini tidak sesuai dengan Konferensi Kairo (November 1943), ketika Churchill, Chiang Kai-Shek dan Franklin D. Roosevelt mendeklarasikan bahwa Korea harus menjadi negara bebas dan merdeka. Semenjak keputusan itu dibuat, kedua negara ini beberapa kali terlibat dalam konflik yang melibatkan armaments dan beberapa negara tetangga sampai dengan saat ini meskipun perang dianggap telah berakhir pada 27 Juli 1953 pada saat Amerika Serikat, Republik Rakyat Cina, dan Korea Utara menandatangani persetujuan gencatan. Technically, the war isn’t over yet, karena pemimpin Korea Selatan yang ditunjuk oleh Amerika Serikat pada masa itu, Syngman Rhee, enggan untuk menandatangani perjanjian itu namun berjanji untuk menghormati kesepakatan gencatan senjata tersebut. Continue reading “Praktik Deterrence of Power Korea Utara terhadap Korea Selatan”